MedErect™ Vacuum Erection Device

The MedErect Vacuum Therapy System is intended for use by men experiencing difficulty achieving and/or maintaining an erection suitable for intercourse, which is commonly known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Experts have estimated that ED affects 30 million men in the Untied States. Regardless of the cause, the MedErect Vacuum Therapy System can help return your sexual confidence. The system combines vacuum technology with the body's natural function to provide an erection for sexual intercourse when desired.
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Custom Injection Molding

We offer a variety of services which make our injection molding plant increasingly competitive. Our wide range of equipment allows us to produce parts as small as 1/32 of an inch up to 6 oz. per shot. Molded Products can competitively produce miniature parts for the electronic/ computer industry as well as mold the larger parts required in the medical, hydraulic, agricultural, oil field, and automotive industries.
Uri-minder™ Timed Urine Collection kit
URI-minder™ memory joggers are used to make sure that patient urine collection is complete.

The URI-minder memory joggers are designed so that you will either touch or see them whenever you prepare to urinate, thereby reminding you to collect your urine.

URI-minder™used for timed urine collection where all the urine the body produces over a specific time period to find out how well the body is working.

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More Than 140 Different Dialysis Products

Producing high quality products at competitive prices since 1986. Molded Products produces a wide variety of affordable high quality products for the dialysis community. Our extensive product line consists of access sites, luer caps, tube occluding forceps, Hansen connectors, recirculation sets, wound care products, re-use supplies, patented tandem dialysis supplies, safety face-shields, and so much more!