Nephros believes that, with Dual Stage technology and 0.005 micron filtration, we have developed the safest and the only water filter on the market that can effectively deliver point of use biocontaminant-free water for drinking and bathing. Bacteria sizes range from 0.5 to 5 microns; viruses and other bio-toxins are considerably smaller, although the vast majority of known biological toxins are .005 microns in size or larger.

1. Blood enters the outer fiber bundle.

2. Substitution fluid dilutes blood; blood flow reverses 180º   to enter core fibers.

3. Blood from core fiber bundle exits the OLpūr™MD 190 filter.
NEPHROS gives you MORE ß2-microglobulin clearance!
MORE ß2-microglobulin clearance Is BETTER!
Potential Benefits of Hemodiafiltration:
  Improved survival (1,2,3)
Reduction in ß2-M related amyloidosis
Improved anemia profile
Reduced medication requirements
Improved blood pressure control
Increased phosphorus removal
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