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Dialyzer Reprocessing System from HDC Maquinolas, LLC.
The MAKY™ has an aggressive cleaning program in each of the nine operating programs available, with the capability of using any acceptable cleaning agent with any choice of acceptable germicides.
Combine MAKY™’s advanced technology and simplified use with Peracidin™ to maximize dialyzer reprocessing efficiency at your facility.
Peracidin™’s primary active ingredient is peroxyacetic acid, a cleaning agent with a long history of being a preferred cleanser and disinfectant. Dialyzers reprocessed with Peracidin™ will have a cleaner appearance, making reuse more appealing to patients and staff. And Peracidin™ is competitively priced against other cleaning agents.
How does it work?
Peracidin™ works using oxidative action on cell proteins. Peracidin™ has a broad range of protective activity.
Unlike other cleaning agents, Peracidin™ is completely safe for the environment. It breaks down to vinegar (acetic acid) and water when disposed in the local water system.
Peracetic Acid Potency Strips confirm concentration levels of Peracidin™ in the dialyzer.
Residual Peroxide Reagent Strips detect residues of Peracidin™.